You surely heard about the beautiful Elba Island in the Tuscan Archipelago, but probably you do not know much about Piombino, the gateway to Elba. For this reason, we are going to tell you 7 Facts about Piombino on the Etruscan Coast of Tuscany. This is a town full of history and evocative landscapes. It

When you say Versilia, you say fun, beach and relaxation. This is a very appreciated destination for tourists during the summer season in Tuscany. However, as you will understand reading our article about the Versilia Coast in Tuscany, it is not only about sunbathing in places like Viareggio. There is much more to do. Versilia

The most popular image visitors have in their mind when thinking about Tuscany is connected to rolling hills and vineyards in the heart of the region and beautiful cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa, full of art and history. However, Tuscany is much more than this. In fact, the coastal area is also worth a

See all the 5 terre, five villages in Cinque Terre Contents1 Riomaggiore, 5 terre villages2 Manarola, 5 terre villages2.1 Manarola harbour3 Corniglia, 5 terre villages4 Vernazza, 5 terre villages5 Monterosso, 5 terre villages Riomaggiore, 5 terre villages Riomaggiore is the first village in the south of Cinque Terre and keeps its genuine characteristiques alive. Walking

Contents1 The Village of Monterosso al Mare – 5 Terre Village2 The old village3 Live in Monterosso al Mare4 The other villages5 Fall Season6 The new village7 What to do in Monterosso8 The other villages The Village of Monterosso al Mare – 5 Terre Village Monterosso al Mare is the last and the largest fishermen

Tuscany is one of the most famous Italian regions abroad. Many movies chose it as their set and promoted the image of rolling hills, cypress trees, vineyards and medieval villages world-wide. In this article, we will tell you about the coastal area and specifically about Populonia and Baratti: the Etruscan side of Tuscany. This is

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Tuscany, we suggest you to visit the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. In this article we will give you some interesting information about the seven islands, each of them boasting different geological, cultural and historical assets.   Contents1 The Seven Pearls in the Tuscan Archipelago1.1 Elba,

Many are the reasons why Tuscany attracts thousands of visitors every year. Among them, you find  the many different landscapes at short distance from each other: the Val d’Orcia with its round hills, romantic cypress trees and medieval hamlets; the lunar looking Crete Senesi with its dry clay hills near Siena; the beautiful coastline and

Contents1 Tuscany Day Trips and Wine Tours1.1 From Florence to Chianti and more Wine Areas1.2 Private Wine Tours from Florence and Tuscany1.2.1 Official Wine Routes for Day Trips from Florence Tuscany Day Trips and Wine Tours Our Region is world wide known for being rich in art and history. Especially historians often refer to Florence

Contents1 Best Day Hikes and Scenic Walks in Tuscany1.1 Some features about Tuscany1.2 Parks and nature reserves in Tuscany for Day Hikes and Scenic Walks Best Day Hikes and Scenic Walks in Tuscany Tuscany is one-of-a-kind region. Indeed, our region has a lot to offer not only from an artistic and historical point of view.

Contents1 10 Interesting facts you probably don’t know about the Leaning Tower1.0.1 1- The Leaning Tower is meant as part of a bigger architectural complex1.0.2 2- The Leaning Tower in Pisa is a Word Heritage Site1.0.3 3- It took almost 2 centuries to complete The Leaning Tower1.0.4 4- The Tower in Pisa was not leaning

Contents1 From Livorno to the Beauties of Tuscany and Florence1.1 Some info about the Port of Livorno1.1.1 What to see in Livorno1.1.2 Explore the Tuscan Beauties from the Cruise Port of Livorno1.1.3 Get to Florence from the Cruise Port of Livorno From Livorno to the Beauties of Tuscany and Florence The one of Livorno is

Contents1 Discover the Tuscan beauties during your Holidays in Lucca1.1 Historical hints about Lucca2 Lucca as the perfect departure point for Tuscan Tours during your Holidays3 Must-see attractions for your holidays in Lucca3.1 Lucca, the city of a 100 churches3.2 The city of Lucca between modern and lively events Discover the Tuscan beauties during your

Contents1 Some hints for a Perfect Holiday in Tuscany1.1 Many reasons to visit our incredible Tuscany1.2 Useful info about Tuscany1.3 How to get to Tuscany 1.4 Our trasfer service to bring you to Tuscany1.5 What to see in Tuscany: our recommendation for a 3 or 5 day itinerary Some hints for a Perfect Holiday in Tuscany