Contents1 Best Day Hikes and Scenic Walks in Tuscany1.1 Some features about Tuscany1.2 Parks and nature reserves in Tuscany for Day Hikes and Scenic Walks Best Day Hikes and Scenic Walks in Tuscany Tuscany is one-of-a-kind region. Indeed, our region has a lot to offer not only from an artistic and historical point of view.

Contents1 10 Interesting facts you probably don’t know about the Leaning Tower1.0.1 1- The Leaning Tower is meant as part of a bigger architectural complex1.0.2 2- The Leaning Tower in Pisa is a Word Heritage Site1.0.3 3- It took almost 2 centuries to complete The Leaning Tower1.0.4 4- The Tower in Pisa was not leaning

Contents1 From Livorno to the Beauties of Tuscany and Florence1.1 Some info about the Port of Livorno1.1.1 What to see in Livorno1.1.2 Explore the Tuscan Beauties from the Cruise Port of Livorno1.1.3 Get to Florence from the Cruise Port of Livorno From Livorno to the Beauties of Tuscany and Florence The one of Livorno is

Contents1 Discover the Tuscan beauties during your Holidays in Lucca1.1 Historical hints about Lucca2 Must-see attractions for your holidays in Lucca2.1 Lucca, the city of a 100 churches2.2 The city of Lucca between modern and lively events3 Lucca as the perfect departure point for Tuscan Tours during your Holidays Discover the Tuscan beauties during your

Contents1 Some hints for a Perfect Holiday in Tuscany1.1 Many reasons to visit our incredible Tuscany1.2 Useful info about Tuscany1.3 How to get to Tuscany 1.4 Our trasfer service to bring you to Tuscany1.5 What to see in Tuscany: our recommendation for a 3 or 5 day itinerary Some hints for a Perfect Holiday in Tuscany

Contents1 Best Tuscany Wine Tours1.1 The Chianti Wine area1.2 Brunello di Montalcino1.3 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano1.4 The Vernaccia di San Gimignano1.5 Bolgheri Wine Area Best Tuscany Wine Tours If you love wine, Tuscany is the perfect place where to enjoy it. All the wine districts in our region offer spectacular views over a suggestive countryside.

Contents1 7 Top Things To Do in Pisa1.0.1 A brief introduction about Pisa1.0.2 1 – Visit Piazza dei Miracoli1.0.3 2 – Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa1.0.4 3 – Pass over Ponte di Mezzo and enjoy the Lungarno in Pisa1.0.5 4 – Explore Borgo Stretto1.0.6 5 – Admire the beautiful Piazza dei Cavalieri1.0.7 6 – The

Contents1 San Gimignano: the “Medieval Manhattan” near Siena1.1 Introduction1.2 San Gimignano : what to see1.3 Enogastronomy and Typical Products1.4 When to go to San Gimignano1.5 The Surroundings and not only San Gimignano: the “Medieval Manhattan” near Siena Introduction Immersed in the suggestive Tuscan countryside, between Siena and the Val d’Elsa, San Gimignano is a fortified

Contents1 Siena: The Contrade and The Palio1.1 History1.2 The Contrade today1.3 The Società di Contrada1.4 The Carriera (Race) in the Piazza del Campo today – The “Drawing” of the Contrade1.5 The Piazza del Campo is prepared1.6 The “Tratta” (Drawing of the Horses)1.7 The Rehearsals, the Parties and the Palio1.8 The Victorious Contrada Celebrates the Palio

Pisa: Visit the City like a Local Contents1 Introduction2 Luminara & Regata di San Ranieri: the annual event most loved by citizens of Pisa3 Lifestyle4 Making the most of Pisa4.1 Shopping4.2 Eating & Drinking4.3 Entertainment & Nightlife4.4 Something for nothing Introduction Pisa’s iconic building is, of course, its Torre Pendente, or Leaning Tower, which continues

Discovering the Cinque Terre: the National Park, the Marine Protected Area and the five villages The aura of isolation that has surrounded five almost inaccessible coastal scenery, has made them one of the eastern Riviera’s premier attractions. Clinging haphazardly to steep cliffs, they are linked by footpaths, by train, and now by narrow, unasphalted and

Contents1 Lucca: 10 Beautiful Places To See1.1 Lucca, how to get there1.2 1.Piazza dell’Anfiteatro (Amphitheater square)1.3 2. Cathedral of San Martino1.4 3. The Walls of Lucca1.5 4. Botanical garden1.6 5. Church of San Michele1.7 6. Piazza Napoleone1.8 7. Torre delle Ore (Tower of the Hours)1.9 8. Torre Guinigi (Guinigi Tower)1.10 9. Chiesa di San Frediano

Contents1 10 Good Reasons to Visit Tuscany1.1 1. Admire the masterpieces of Renaissance art in Florence1.2 2. Discover the golden beaches of Versilia1.3 3. Admire the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa and the famous Leaning Tower1.4 4. Get to know Burlamacco and Ondina at the Viareggio Carnival1.5 5. Participate in the Palio di Siena1.6 6.

Contents1 10 Typical Tuscan Dishes You Must Try1.1 Acquacotta (Maremma)1.2 Crostini con la milza (Tuscany)1.3 Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Tuscany)1.4 Ribollita (Tuscany)1.5 Panzanella (Florence, Siena, Pisa)1.6 Trippa (Florence)1.7 Beans (Tuscany)1.8 Panforte (Siena)1.9 Castagnaccio (Pisa, Florence)1.10 Oil, Wine and Vin Santo 10 Typical Tuscan Dishes You Must Try Traditional Tuscan food harmonizes two inseparable principles – simplicity