5 terre, the famous five villages in Italy
5 terre, the five villages

See all the 5 terre, five villages in Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore, 5 terre villages

Riomaggiore is the first village in the south of Cinque Terre and keeps its genuine characteristiques alive.
Walking down the main street, it seems to feel embraced by the old tower houses of any different colors.
On the way , the small shops show you the local products as the pesto sauce* the typical pasta “trofie* or *“ testarolo***”. Bottles of extra virgin olive oil and limoncino****!manarola village cinque terre tour
Other artisan shops they have many handcrafts and magnets, representing the beautiful scenary of Cinque Terre and of each village , like a stamp to remember you
all of your visit in a such special place!
People start to walk up and down like a wonderful dance, stopping along the way to admire everything and taking a lot of pictures.

Yes, because everything seems to be important to be impressed on their memory: the narrow alleys, the small doors and the deepy marble stairs that are just a little bit hidden behind, the smellful big lemons in the basket just outside the local shops and the showcase of ice cream that seems to call you and taste it.

Why not? In a nice day of summer, take a gelato and enjoy it walking along the marina!
The smell of fresh fish , just cooked and fried, served in a paper cone to take away ! Oh, this is so good

Escorted tour to Cinque Terre

Shore Excursion from Livorno to Cinque Terre in Private and Small group
Shore Excursion from La Spezia to Cinque Terre in proivate and Small Group

Or if you prefer have a Private Boat tour to Cinque Terre from the sea

Eat in Riomaggiore

Little by little, the restaurants start to be opened and the waiters start preparing the tables: nice light blue colors tablecloths, inspired by the sea; the sound of glasses
and cutlery. That’s the time to choose one of so many places, where you can sit and order pizza? Fish? Pasta with pesto*? Maybe a fresh salad or a caprese?
Whatever you like, will be but don’t miss to taste a glass of local wine: 5 terre wine!
Let’s enjoy a great lunch!

5 terre, the five villages

* Pesto sauce is a hand made sauce, basically made with local ingredients (basil leaf, extravirgin olive oil, pinenuts, parmisan cheese and garlic). It’s a pefect one for pasta or simply on bread like aperitivo.
** Trofie is a typical handmade pasta that has the characteristic to be cooked so fast, in a few minutes.
*** Testarolo is another local pasta that is perfect with pesto sauce and it ‘s sold like a thin cake or crepes. You ll just open it, cutting in pieces and put in a bowl when salted water is boiling
1 minute and testarolo is ready to be dried and served with pesto.
**** Limoncino : oh wow! That’s a special drink all made with pure alcohol, lemon skin and sugar.
A perfect recipe !


Manarola, 5 terre villages

Manarola tour to cinque terre Manarola is a very small village, like an hug!
The main street crossing the nice centre leads to the tunnel in order to reach the train station from where it’s really easy catch the train in direction of the 5 terre.
It’s a sort of hop on hop off along the way that, if you like, can be something amazing to do , even if in the high season can be a little bit stressful cause the crowds.
Train is a fast way, but for sure the best way is by the sea, absolutely.
Reaching the marina, it’s a wonderful walk down the square just faced upon the narrow street that continues to the beautiful terrace of the village.
The square is the central place, or better the real meeting point of the local people who live there.
They enjoy the nice evening breeze, sitting on plastic chairs just left there.

The village

The background of this place is the colorful tower houses, painted in yellow, turquoise, light blue, pink.

riomaggiore cinque terre tourIt’s a watercolor frame on this charming panorama, rich on vegetation, like the lemon trees, rich on fruits, so big! And olive trees, vinyards and more.
Staying in the middle of the square and giving a look all around you can see on the top the church with its belltower.
The Via Crucis and something so unique (even on summer!) that is a permanent nativity, naif style, in metal and wood, made by a local artisan, living in Manarola.
Just facing , instead, by the fance, looking to the sea what a beautiful panorama!
The marina, the local shops. The fishermen boats, just in front their house door, and some big cats, waiting for fresh fish!
Some people enjoy just jumping from the rocks in a clear water, rich on fishes. Children laughs and so many languages spoken by different people, who like you are
visiting this spectacolar place!

Manarola harbour

You can’t really see from the panoramic terrace, no, you have to walk just a little bit along the cliff. Passing through the old, grey and white rocks, a sort of small canyon, and then yo ll see.
It’s not a real dock, but simply a small flat rock, where patientelly wait for the ferry boat!

From there you can decide to get on board and start to enjoy a mini cruise that can guarantee to admire really the fantastic 5 terre by the sea.
You can do it in every port of 5 terre, except for Corniglia. It’s the only village in this park , that is not directly faced on the sea and for that, it ‘ s not possible to approach.
Don’t worry! You ll see by the way on direction of the next!
From the boat, you ll not miss this charming village, and you ll see little by litte, just navigating in front

DayTour to Cinque Terre by Minivan and Ferry-boat (from Lucca, Florence, Pisa, Livorno, La Spezia, Versilia and Montecatini)


head cornigliaCorniglia, 5 terre villages

Corniglia is located on the top of the promentory, 100mt upon the sea level and due its name from a roman captain: Cornelio.
All 5 terre are ancient villages that found the real development in Middle Ages. Thanks, overall, to Doria s family: an important Genoan family , who helped the inhabitants to live easily along the coast, safe from the pirates attaques.

From the sea, it ‘s so beautiful admiring it with its characteristic amphytheatre shape.
Saint Peter church is a central point of Corniglia, and when you ll see is the right time to take the picture !!!
if you instead prefer to visit the village, the only way is by train.

Reaching Corniglia train station and climbing, if you like walking, 400 steps in order to reach the top!
If you prefer another way, catch the bus from train station checking departure and arrival time. Cause it’s not so frequent , because it’s a local one, so small and not
so much availabilty of seaters.

However you decide , reaching the top you ll be enthusiastic on visiting the centre of the village. First of all because there you ll not find so many tourists, cause the
difficult way in order to go there.
But , you ll find so many restaurants where enjoying a local lunch!
You ll be impressed by the panoramic views that you can take with you in a beautiful pics collection!

tour in cinque terre vernazza
Vernazza, 5 terre villages

Vernazza such a beautiful village a treasure of Ligurian Coast. By train or By boat, visiting Vernazza is a must to do!
You can not miss this wiomnderful pace, that can leave without breathe , thanks to the beauty of the marina, the small baia where colorful fishermen boats decorate the
calm water of the sea.

The scenary continues with the old church, so unique, dedicated to Santa Margherita di Antiochia. It’s a great example of medieval architecture, the darkness inside,
broken by the small lamps and thin windows faced on the baia.
The castle is so imposing upon the cliff, overlooking the sea, thanks to its watchtowers that can offer you another prospective on the village.

The “ downtown” of Vernazza looks more like a bottleneck that leads you along the main street to the shops, boutique shops, local shops , restaurant, bakeries
and gelato shops!

Riomaggiore is the first village in the south of Cinque Terre and keeps its genuine characteristiques alive. Walking down the main street, it seems to feel embraced by the old tower houses of many different colors.

On the way, the small shops show you the local products as the pesto sauce*

Monterosso, 5 terre villages


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