Monterosso al Mare – 5 Terre Village
monterosso al mare - 5 terre

The Village of Monterosso al Mare – 5 Terre Village

Monterosso al Mare is the last and the largest fishermen village of 5 Terre National Park .

Just approaching by ferry to the dock you can see how big is in compare with Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza.
Cinque Terre are so spectacular for the different characteristics that identify each one.

Monterosso al Mare is a wonderful village in the 5 terre that can immediately impress you thanks to the beautiful seacoast and obviously thanks to the charming crystal color of the
It’s not possible to resist in diping in a such beautiful and clear sea!
Monterosso is so large because develops in two sides.

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The old village

On the right you’ll admire the historic side of this village, with a nice beach and many fishermen boats docked there that’s the main way from the sea.
In order to reach the centre walking along the path, silence is interrupted by the train whistle then the voices of the people

The laughs of children who enjoy swimming or playing on the beach.
The walk continues, the sea breeze caresses your hairs and the sun shines on your skin.
And you ‘re just arrived at the main square, passing below a few arches, where you can enjoy a little bit of shadow and lowering your sunglasses, you ll be able to
admire the narrow alley on the left.
This is an old street that passes between the church and the tower houses, and where you ll find many shops and local restaurants.

Oh! What a such beautiful place is Cinque Terre!!!

For sure, exploring Monterosso, you ll find so many differences than Riomaggiore, for example.
In compare with Monterosso, Riomaggiore is an intimate fishermen village, that has in the marina its best point of view.
Instead, Monterosso, being a bigger one, can give you the idea of a town, than a village and it’ s correct.

head monterossoLive in Monterosso al Mare

Here, it’s more simple for locals to live, thanks to the structure of the mountains and cliffs, they “guest “ the buildings and the beautiful promenade that leads you to
the other side, the new one that is called Fegina.
But before, don’t miss to walk along the alleys; admire the charming Cathedral of Monterosso, with typical pure white Carrara marble on the facade , and the lines of the
green marble.

Also this beautiful church was damaged during the flood of 2011: a terrible event, caused by the heavy rain that destroyed most of each village of Cinque Terre.
On the right side of this Cathedral , it ‘ s possible to verify how high was the level of the water and sediments also, thanks to the plates fixed on the wall.
In reality, there are 2 plates, with different dates: one is 1966 and the other one 2011, even October, but different day and years.
Why? Maybe you don’t imagine why.

The other villages

Fall Season

It’s because on October, that is fall season, wind and clouds start to be stronger between the mountains behind the villages and the sea in front.
Never it’s the same, for sure some fall are so beautiful and sunny that people still enjoy stay tanning on the beach, diving in the fresh water.

But in 1966 and in 2011, all Italy was damaged by the rain and overall we remember 1966 also because not only Cinque terre were destroyed by the flood, but
Florence and Pisa too.
Anyway, don’t be said!
As you can see, all around you , now it’s like before: clean and restored, to give you the chance again to amaze the view and learning more from Cinque Terre.
Everything is important to understand the beauty of this spectacular landscape, the tradition, the history and overall the local hard style of life.

Continuing to explore the centre, you can be “captured “ by the fish smell coming from the restaurants. Above all, just passing in front of the pastry the sweet smell of “monterossina”, the typical cake made here, in Monterosso.

Oh no! You can’t miss one piece of this cake, made by local hands, following an old recipe with marmelade and chocolate too!!!
What a nice sweetness and gift for your taste!!!
Monterosso offers you also a great choice of souvenirs shops, but also jewels, handmade crafts, clothes, bikinis , swimsuits and beach towels.

So, if you don’t wear it, because you missed, don’t worry and be happy!
You can find one perfect for you, maybe with some Cinque terre signature to remember your holiday in Italy!
Are you ready?
Let’s go to Fegina!
Yes, i love and i suggest to go , passing through the tunnel, to the other side of Monterosso, hidden by the promontory.

The new village

And surprise! After the darkness then the light again.
The sun seems to shine more than before and the extraordinary scenario opens in front of you. It’s something so unique that you can’t resist on having this spot for a pic!
The sea, its color so various! The long beach!

The big triangle rock in the sea, that seems to be a guardian of Cinque Terre village! That’s so incredible.
Walking along the promenade, it’s normal and funny stopping for other pics and selfie, maybe asking to someone to do for you!

People are helpful, and maybe, like you, tourists who like to have a picture of themselves too!
It’s a good way to talk to other people who are enjoying the same experience and compare your thoughts and opinions on this wonderful landscape!
The street leads you to the beach entrances, shops, hotels, restaurants and central train station of Monterosso.
Here, just enjoy and relax!

What to do in Monterosso

Keep your time and do what you prefer to do!
Do you like to go to swim? Choose free beach or private beach then leave you towel down and run to dive in a beautiful sea!!!
Are you hungry and do you prefer to have lunch?

OK, just select what you like and choose one of the many local restaurant or pizzeria!
Are you more interested on shopping? No problem, you can find something right for you!

And you, who prefer activities or maybe just walking, you can choose to continue the promenade until the last part. Here you can admiring a famous statue, called The
Giant, and representing Neptune God, that originally before the second world war, supported a beautiful shell shape square of a villa.

If you like exploring more Monterosso, you can decide to climb the promontory, on the tunnel, and reaching the old monastery. You’ll be able to admire San Francisco statue and overall the panoramic view that this place can offer you!
A natural postcard!

This is a wonderful day that you can manage as you like. But don’t miss to take with you all memories of this fantastic experience in Cinque Terre!
Greetings from Monterosso.

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