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Palazzo Vecchio Firenze


Dated 13th century, Palazzo Vecchio or Palazzo del Signoria, is located in the center of Florence in the homonymous square, Piazza della Signoria.

Initially, the Palace was hosted by the Priors and was built in the form of a fortress in order to be protected in case of an attack.

Florence - Palazzo della SignoriaFrom the highest part of the Palace, its tower stands out which, although decentralized, does not disturb its equilibrium and, at its peak, a small room, which was the prison of Cosimo Il Vecchio and Savonarola.

It was Cosimo I de Medici who decided to renovate the palace, decorating it, and then transforming it into his private residence and making it become the Ducal Palace.
Later, Cosimo I decid ed to move to the Pitti Palace, Palzzo Ducale became the seat of the government offices and took the name of Palazzo Vecchio.

In order to reach it in total confidentiality and safety, Vasari was ordered to design and build a corridor covering allowed the Medici to cross the city without incurring in danger.
Secret passages were also built inside the building which could be used in case of attack.
Certainly, one of the places of interest of this palace, a symbol of the power of Florence, it is the hall of the sixteenth century, a room of large measures so much so that due to its imposing size it represents the largest room in the city.

The Power of Florence

The Piazza della Signoria in the medieval time has been the center of the political power of the city. Palazzo Vecchio in in the center of it.

The unusual shape of the Piazza della Signoria which represent a “L”is the result of many restore of the Palazzo Vecchio.
Built at the end of the 13th century as the seat of the Priori delle Arti.
In the 15th century it became the seat of the Signoria and from 1540 to 1565 it housed the powerful Medici family, the lords (kings) of the city.

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