When you say Versilia, you say fun, beach and relaxation. This is a very appreciated destination for tourists during the summer season in Tuscany. However, as you will understand reading our article about the Versilia Coast in Tuscany, it is not only about sunbathing in places like Viareggio. There is much more to do. Versilia

Best Day Hikes and Scenic Walks in Tuscany Tuscany is one-of-a-kind region. Indeed, our region has a lot to offer not only from an artistic and historical point of view. Another distinguishing feature of our Region is the inspirational landscape, what makes Tuscany a perfect place for outdoor activities. If you wish to discover the

10 Good Reasons to Visit Tuscany There are so many other things Tuscany region can offer. In fact, seven localities are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites: Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza, the Val d’Orcia, and Medici Villas and Gardens. In this article, we want to show you at least 10 good reasons to visit

10 Typical Tuscan Dishes You Must Try Traditional Tuscan food harmonizes two inseparable principles – simplicity and quality. Typical Tuscan dishes are based on the so-called “cucina povera,” the peasant traditions that arose out of necessity during hard times. Even now Tuscans prefer to stay close to their roots as natural localvores who take the

Wherever you are across the world, we send you BIG virtual hugs. Together we can do this! In the meantime, we wish to remind ourselves and you that the beauty in this world will still be here with its many treasures to be enjoyed. We will come out of this crisis stronger because we stood

Beautiful Cities of Tuscany, Italy Good news! Don’t miss the chance to visit Italy! Save time, relax and travel without leaving your couch. Discover the most beautiful Tuscan cities such as Siena, Monteriggioni, Pitigliano, and San Gimignano. Some of them are nestled on the rolling hills. You will enjoy the city sounds and unwind! Take

Are you planning a visit to Volterra and you are not sure about what you should see first? Here you’ll find 4 different things to do in the small, ancient city and everything you need to know to plan your visit. 1. Discover the Etruscan Volterra The site where the modern Volterra is found has

If you are planning to go to Tuscany, Italy, you may have been charmed by some friends’ travelling stories, or by the stunning pictures. The bright countryside where the sun is always shining, the shimmering blue sea, the fairy-tale-like little villages on top of the hills – Tuscany is all that, for sure. But what

In Tuscany, the weather in Spring is just perfect to stay outside: warm and generally sunny. Nature is colorful and smells of flowers. Spring is the period in which Tuscan people have picnics (or even rich outdoor meals) to celebrate Easter and other festivities. But Spring in Tuscany can be a little rainy too: so,

Broadly speaking, all Tuscan wines are worth a tasting. Likewise, the places where they are produced are worth a visit – they are rich in nature, beautiful panoramas and pleasant villages. Here, we will tell you about three varieties among the best Tuscan wines. To have the chance to taste them gets you in touch

Is your wish list crowded with too many ideas for your cruise excursion in Italy? Not sure which one to choose? we understand, it’s quite difficult to decide, but if you have a one day stop at the port of Leghorn (Livorno) with your cruise  we have some interesting suggestions for you! Small and classic

Chianti wine is one of the most popular Italian wines, especially in the US. You may have heard about it, or even tasted it. Maybe, you bought a fancy fiasco bottle of Chianti in a store once, to make a good impression with friends or relatives. Or maybe, you don’t know anything about this wine

If you ask someone what is the not-to-be-missed place in Italy, you will probably get the following answer: Tuscany. However, few know exactly where Tuscany is. Everybody has heard about it at least once in his and her lifetime. Many know at least something about its rolling hills, stunning landscape, excellent food and wine, historical

Chianti Classico Chianti Classico is located in an area between Florence and Siena and probably is the most common Tuscany wine knowed in the world wide. The famous of this area begin 300 years ago (1716) about when Cosimo III de Medici decided to define the border of the area and assign the actually name