Visit two different wineries in the area of Chianti with Sommelier and taste the delicious Chianti wine

Discovering the world of Chianti wine, its tradition and culture, admiring green hills decorated with vineyards and olive groves, which will open up to your view, driving immersed in the Tuscan countryside.

You will discover Tuscany with its landscapes, walking through the vines with our Sommelier, introducing you into the reality of the wine that distinguishes us so much.

He will tell you about the hard work that hides behind the natural beauty of the bunch of grapes and the soil that makes it grow until it becomes wine.

The experience will be handed down to you during the wine tasting inside the 2 cellars where you will be able to immerse yourself in taste, but without forgetting the other senses that will accompany you in knowledge.

The Sommelier will be able to give you valuable advice and technical information which you will certainly treasure.

Let the Sommelier guide you in an unforgettable experience!

Chianti wine cellar

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick up/Drop off at between Corso Italia and via Palestro in front of American Embassy (if your Hotel is not covered by pick up) (
DURATION About 7 hours
CHILDREN Children <18 years old y FREE and will pay just food at the wineries (30 Euro/total)
Select just the number of adults in your group. The total number adults+children= max 8 people. If you are more please contact us.
Example: 4 adults+2children, select a group of 4
Example: 6 adults +3 children, you have to contact us (total number >8)
A good range of tasting (red and white) 
Visit two wineries
Discover the process of wine-making
Transport by minivan with air conditioned
Pick up and drop off at the hotel
TERMS AND CONDITIONS No charge for cancellations made with at least 7 days prior notice.
PRICES Price in base the number of people in your group


On board of a comfortable van, you will travel in the direction of the Chianti area until you reach the Tuscan countryside, immersing yourself in the typical scenery of the gentle and sinuous hills, well outlined by the rows of vineyards.
Once you reach the first winery, you will be able to take a walk through the vineyards to discover their secrets and then continue with the visit of the cellar, where everything takes shape, discovering other secrets that makes each wine special.

You will admire barriques, tonnons or barrels where the wine patiently rests and ages to become intense, round…

At the end of the visit, sitting in front of a set table you can start your cognitive journey, relying on our expert Sommelier, who will accompany you filling you with small, big tips…

The tour continues towards the second wine farm, where it will be equally exciting to retrace a walk in the vineyards, before visiting the cellar and tasting the wines.

This tour will take you to enhance your knowledge of wine, Chianti and more; to give you a full immersion experience in the senses, in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere that you will not forget.

When the wine tour ends, you will be driven back to your hotel.

Who is the Sommelier?

The Sommelier is a certified professional figure who is part of our team and who will accompany you step by step in this new experience, in the name of good wine!

He will share with you the secrets, tradition and the passion of Italians for the wine.

The cellars?

The wineries that you will visit and where you will taste the wine are patiently sought with care and attention in order to make you live an authentic and genuine experience, in a cordial and typical atmosphere, in a familiar environment.

They are wineries that work organic, paying particular attention to every single step to produce a quality wine respecting nature and tradition.

What is Chianti?

When we talk about Chianti we are talking about wine, but also about the territory from which takes its name.

Chianti is in fact the region in the heart of Tuscany, where Chianti has been produced since 1716.

The area extends for about 100 km, passing by important cities such as Florence, Siena, Arezzo and Pisa, characterized by 8 districts, where this famous wine is produced following strict rules, controlled by the Chianti Consortium.

What are the pleasures of wine?

First of all, wine finds its origins in antiquity.

We must go back in time, about 3000 years ago, when since the times of the Etruscans and the Romans, wine was considered the nectar of the Gods.

Everyone knows the famous God Bacchus!

A mask decorated with rich and juicy grapes!

What is certain is that today’s wine has embellished its taste, aroma and color.

From a ruby red to an intense purple, from a fresh and fruity scent to an essence of tobacco and vanilla, from a light flavor to a more intense and full-bodied one.

All thanks to the patient and careful work that hides behind a simple glass bottle, from the sinuous and particular shapes to the simpler or even rustic ones.

The expert hands and advice of the agronomist and the peculiar importance of the winemaker who, with his senses and his knowledge, recommends for the best and for good wine!

There are many factors that influence the taste of wine: from the soil to the altitude, exposure to the sun and the wise choice of grapes, from Sangiovese, considered the king of Tuscan grapes, to Colorino and Ciliegiolo, to international grapes, such as Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah, just to name a few.

The skillful and hard work of the hands of the grape pickers who, during the harvest, are preparing to choose the best bunches is another of the important and indispensable elements of a chain that brings us a good glass of wine.

The best way to live the pleasures of wine is undoubtedly living it.

In front of a glass, however, it is necessary to pay attention and proceed slowly, without haste.

Tasting is different from just drinking.

To taste is to immerse yourself in color, perfume and taste…

The best way to enjoy the pleasures of wine is certainly by combining dishes of cold cuts and cheeses, a pasta rich in a good meat sauce, a freshly baked lasagna, a Florentine steak, game and for those who are passionate about it too a dish based on truffles!

And for those who don’t love meat?

Tuscany is full of excellent dishes based on tasty vegetables!

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    March 25, 2022

    Our group of 6 ladies had a highly enjoyable day on the Private Chianti tour. Our driver, Massimo was prompt and attentive in picking us up in our hotel lobby and he was an excellent navigator through the tricky Tuscan roads. He was very knowledgeable on many things Tuscan, and as a sommelier, he educated us on the Chianti wine before we even arrived at the winery. We toured the vineyard and then had a long tasting that included a generous assortment of cold cuts, cheese and bread. In addition to Chianti, we also tasted their dessert wine, Vin Santo and their olive oil, all were very good. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and would highly recommend this tour and specifically our tour director/driver Massimo.

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