Discover the Fantastic Carrara Marble Quarries in Tuscany on a 4×4 Jeep

On our Carrara Marble Quarries Tour: 4×4 Off Road Trip in Tuscany, you will have the chance to visit the famous marble quarries in Carrara on board with a 4×4 off-road tour. Moreover, you will taste the delicious Lardo di Colonnata in the nearby village Colonnata.

The perfect Off-Road Tour Experience to the Carrara marble quarries in Tuscany with a delicious Tasting in Colonnata

Small Groups, Exclusive Experience
Breathtaking View of the Tuscan Apuan Alps
Free Pick Up By Minivan from Your Accommodation

Please, do not choose us if you like crowded tours.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION From your Hotel / Accommodation
DURATION About 5-6 hours
AVAILABILITY April 1st – October 31st
Transportation in minivan with a/c to the caves Travel by Jeep inside the caves
Expert guide inside the caves Degustation of Lardo di Colonnata


The price of the tour changes based on the number of people

From your Hotel or Accommodation  directly to the Marble Quarries of Carrara

Our driver will pick you and your group up directly from your accommodation with our comfortable minivan. From there we will drive in direction of the mountain region of  the Apuan Alps, where the Quarries of Marble of Carrara are located.

The Marble of Carrara in Tuscany

The famous Carrara Marble is well-known all over the world and many people choose this material to give a touch of luxury to their home kitchens and bathrooms. The so called Tuscan “white gold” and its extraction date back to the Roman times. The manufacturing of marble regards buildings and furnitures and in the past many artists used marble for artistic and architectural purposes. Many famous statues you can still see today come from the marble quarries located in this area. Indeed, even the famous Michelangelo used it to create the David. On our way to the Apuan Alps region, our guide will tell you about the history of this region and the evolution in the extraction methods during the centuries. You will learn about the marble basins and the different kinds of marble.

Read more about the Carrara marble.

Inside the Marble Quarries of Carrara on our Private Off Road Trip

Once we reach the Region of the Apuan Alps, we will get off our minivan and board a jeep, in order to start our 4×4 Off Road Tour in the Marble Quarries. The only way to visit them is with our authorized partner. In fact, the caves are anctive working place. For this reason, it is not possible to access this area on your own.

You will learn about the ancient and modern tecniques used to extract marble from the caves. On our jeep tour an expert will show us three different kinds of basins.

You will love the view over tha marble quarries and the white Apuan Alps.

Learn more about this area in our article.

Unique Scenery over Marble Quarries and Tuscany

During our Carrara Marble Quarries Tour: 4×4 Off Road Trip in Tuscany, you will enjoy an incredible view over the Apuan Alps and the marble caves. We will drive up to an altitude of 900 m. From there, the scenery will be breathtaking. The view is unique, with the Alps and the coast in the same picture. When people look at the Apuan Alps, they often think they are covered with snow. Hower, it is the big presence of marble quarries that make them white. You will enjoy a general overview of the active excavation basins with the trucks and bulldozers at work. A quarryman will tell you about the massive blocks of marble and give you information about this long tradition. You will notice how the white and bright marble basins are in contrast with the dark colours of the mountains around, when getting closer to the blocks.

Even the James Bond serie chose this background for its Quantum of Solace movie. Some scenes were shot in these quarries.

If you wish to buy some souvenirs, we can stop at few marble shops on our way to the quarries.


Carrara MArble Tour in Tuscany
view from Carrara Quarry

Colonnata, and “Lardo”on our Private Tour in Tuscany

Colonnata is a tiny village only few kilometres far from Carrara. It is located closed to the marble quarries and during the centuries the quarrymen and their families used to live here. This small village is well known in Italy and abroad for a delicious specialty called Lardo di Colonnata, a unique pork lard traditionally cured in the marble caves. During our tour, we will have a short break to taste it and enjoy its unique flavour.

Lard is made with pig fat, using the pig shoulder and neck. The pieces of lard are placed in large marble boxes and covered with sea salt, rosmary, garlic, local herbs and spices (pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves).To get its delicious taste, it has to stay and age there from a minimum of 6 months up to ten months.

Itinerary to the Carrara marble quarries in Tuscany:


Departure From Your Accommodation

We start our Carrara Marble Quarries Tour and we move to the Apuan alpes on our comfortable minivan.

Arrival in Quarries and Start of The Off-Road Tour

Once we arrive at the first marble quarry, you will leave the minivan and board a 4×4 veichle, in order to start your tour. You will visit three different quarries.

Short Break in Colonnata

We will move to the village of Colonnata, where you will have a taste the delicious Lardo di Colonnata.

Return to Your Accommodation

We will drop off your group to your Hotel / Accommodation.

Carrara Marble Tour in Tuscany
Carrara Marble Quarries Off Road Tour in Tuscany
Tour Colonnata
Marble Quarries Tour Carrara Colonnata
Lardo di Colonnata
Carrara Quarry

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