What to do in Tuscany in Spring
Tuscan Spring

In Tuscany, the weather in Spring is just perfect to stay outside: warm and generally sunny. Nature is colorful and smells of flowers. Spring is the period in which Tuscan people have picnics (or even rich outdoor meals) to celebrate Easter and other festivities.

But Spring in Tuscany can be a little rainy too: so, be careful, and try to have an indoor alternative plan!

So, if you’re planning a visit in Tuscany in Spring, you can try a lot of outdoor activities: in cities, villages, in the countryside, in the mountains and, and of course, by the  the sea!

Here some ideas for your Spring trip to Tuscany.

Spring in Tuscany is the perfect time to discover its cities

Sunny and warm weather allows you to walk around the alleys, to have a lunch or to drink a coffee al fresco at the local café, to discover every little corner of some of the most beautiful historical cities in the world.

And if it’s raining? You can always find a museum or a local products shop that will host you for a little while (or for hours, as you prefer)!


Tuscany in Spring: mountains and local quarries

Would you like to discover where sculptures are born from? In the North of Tuscany, near Carrara, there are mountains famous for their marble. the materials of some of the most incredible sculptures of Italian artist come from the heart of these mountains such as the David of Michelangelo, the Paolina Borghese of Antonio Canova and many more.

Carrara’s mountain area is also famous for a typical kind of food: the lardo di Colonnata, a specific type of lard made with pork fatback and  seasoned with local spices that gets its name from Colonnata, a small village beneath the quarries.

Spring is the best period to visit this part of Tuscany: in this season  the sun  reflects on the white of quarries creating a sort of magic sparkling walls, after a short relaxing walk, you can seat at the foot of these walls and eat a sandwich with lardo admiring the amazing landscape. On a clear day, you can even see  as far as the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.


Spring in Tuscany? Taste the wine!

If you have enough time, you can seat outside, in the countryside or in a sun-drenched alley, and enjoy a taste of  good Tuscan wine. Spring is not a wine producing season, of course, but is the season to taste it, and admire the nature that produces these particular grapes in its full glory so to better understand the wine itself. Because the soul of these wines is the result of the soil, the wind, the plants and the flowers around the vineyard from which it comes from.

So, nothing is better than to taste a wine in Spring, in its land and with proper time to understand it and enjoy it!


And don’t forget the seaside on your Spring trip in Tuscany

Tuscan beaches in Spring are very far from how they appear in Summer: there is a touch of wildness and freshness, they are not so crowded, free from all those beach chairs and umbrellas but full of treasures delivered by the sea during the winter storms.

The air is gentle and the sun is hot in the middle of the day, and if you’re particularly brave you can also try a quick dive in the chilly refreshing water!

Tuscany is full of beaches: the wild ones in the South or the posh beaches of Versilia, or you can go a little bit further  North and discover the cliff and the seaside of the Cinque Terre, located in the nearby region called Liguria.



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