Volterra AD 1398

Volterra Tuscany Village

Volterra AD 1398

The 3rd and 4th Sunday of August Volterra, one of the most popular Tuscan villages, jumps back to medieval times: animated by fiery warhorses, fearless knights, noblemen, ladies, artisans and merchants, common people and peasants, flag-wavers and crossbowmen, musicians and jesters if by magic they will bring back the mysterious and magic Middle Ages to Volterra. The city of alabaster offers a very special program for this summer: medieval dinners, guided tours and, of course, tournaments crossbow and flag bearers.

9Volterra’s narrow streets will host old shops, like blacksmiths or carpenters, and you’ll have the unique chance to taste medieval specialities, such as the spicy wine or the lemon and honey drink. All the city’s inhabitants are going to wear Medieval dresses and to drive people into the party throughout the streets and squares: that’ll be surely surprising and extremely funny for kids!

A one day trip in Volterra to enjoy its incredible artistic and historical heritage is a perfect choice in this occasion. Volterra is quite close to San Gimignano, moreover it belongs to the town of the Leaning Tower -under the territorial and legislative point of view- so you can choose Pisa as the base for your tour in Tuscany!


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