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Martelli Pasta Factory

In the heart of Pisa’s countryside, in a medieval village rich of history as Lari, builted inside the narrows strees, the Pastificio Famiglia Martelli is just beside the Castle. Just from the name, you can understand the type of products. Pastificio means Pasta. Famiglia is Family, Martelli is the surname of the family. From here is easy understand about the core business about the company, high quality pasta-production.

martelli pasta pisa tour by bellaitaliatourIn contrast to large industrial plants, this is still a traditional artisan pasta factory. Artisan because it employs only eight persons, all members of the Martelli family. Traditional because behind each work process, from mixing and kneading to packaging, there is the skilful hand of a Master Pasta Maker.

Here you can understand the history and see the masterpieces in a real traditional pasta factory. A world where time beats slowly, with vintage machinery and artisans at work, busy mixing, kneading, cutting and drying one of Italy’s best pastas.


Traditional Artisan Pasta Factory of the Martelli Family

Via dei Pastifici, 3
56035 Lari (PI) ITALY