Elba Island: a territory to be discovered
Rio Marina, Elba Island

Elba Island: a territory to be discovered

The best way to enjoy a trip to the island of Elba is certainly from the crystalline sea that surrounds it, in an area waiting to be discovered.
So come aboard the boat and start the adventure, exploring new horizons in total tranquility, enjoying every single moment this experience will give you!
You, with friends or family, can make a beach holiday unique, sailing up and down the coves, diving and playing in a clear sea full of fish.
Relaxation, serenity and fun will be the ingredients for the perfect recipe you are looking for!

So, what are you waiting for!

Get on board and let’s go!

In less than an hour we will be on the island of Elba and we begin to approach a cove, not far from its beach where you can lie in the sun after a cool swim and lots of dives.
The beaches are beautiful, made of gravel, small pebbles or larger pebbles, rocks or sand but who cares.
The sea that frames it is tinged with various shades
watercolor color that from deep and intense blue becomes turquoise or green, until it becomes transparent on the bath-tub, where the curled waves form their foam crackling in the sun.
The sound of the stones rolling in the waves, joining the sea in a rhythmic dance, is the background to the silence of a unique and special place.
The laughter of children, the games in the water and the scent of sunscreen stand out in such a beautiful and peaceful nature.

So quiet, that you hardly want to go back to that life full of commitments, work and more, which you often want to escape from.

And what better escape than a holiday, even for just one day, can it give you?

Going back on board, saying goodbye to this cove that seems a regret to have to leave, we continue to sail along the coast like sea pirates in search of new treasures to discover.
The time spent on the boat gives us more time of sun and relaxation, lying on the towels to dry and maybe have a snack, before reaching the next finish line.
Oh, how wonderful the sea of the Island of Elba !!!
So blue and so rich in unique landscapes!
Each cove, each beach is surrounded by rocks and vegetation, a slice of nature that takes your breath away and makes you forget you are in Italy.
Yes, you don’t have to fly far to find such a beautiful landscape.
From north to south, the island of Elba is able to satisfy all needs, both for those who want to spend their time with friends or as a couple.

It is also for those who, in the family, with children, want to have fun, but without losing the opportunity to relax.
And the boat helps to become estranged, to be lulled and pampered, to live a dream and let yourself be awakened by the sound of the sea.

The beaches of the Island of Elba, a territory to be discovered

Cala dei Frati, Cala della Contessa, Cala di Punta Nera, Cala Di Luisi d’Angelo and Cala Della Crocetta are some of the names of the coves.

Rio Marina, Elba IslandSmall or large, these coves are unique in their beauty and can be reached by boat, where you can enjoy a nice swim.

Capo Bianco beach seems to have come out of some travel brochures Sansone, Sottobomba, Padulella, La Paolina, Innamorata, Fetovaia, Cavo and Cavoli and many others are beaches that deserve to be seen at least once.
Yes, even just once, because time is so precious that it is worth exploring the area and getting to know every single stretch of it.
We certainly cannot forget Pomonte! absolutely no!.
You cannot say that you have swum free in the Elbe area, without having tried the experience of diving, even without cylinders, in front of the pebble beach of Pomonte where the wreck lies!
It almost seems to touch it, it is so close to the surface!
So you don’t need to be an experienced diver, just a little sense of adventure!
And for those who do not feel like it, no drama, there will be an opportunity to swim among many fish!

And for the little ones?

There are many beaches here on the island of Elba which once again is a whole territory to be discovered.
The areas are equipped for all needs and especially for children.
Some of these also have anti-jellyfish barriers, annoying creatures that sometimes, as we know, populate our seas, but that with a little attention can be avoided or at the most removed.
So you just need to know how to choose or get advice to experience an unforgettable, all-Italian holiday.
Sailing along the coast, the Elban landscapes are painted green in the wildest areas, left uncontaminated; of gray in the rocky areas that split into the sea leaving small coves at their feet, difficult to reach on foot.
Different colors given by the towns built in front of the sea, and the marinas, that is the small ports, which decorate this island and which are worth visiting.
Riomarina , Porto Azzurro, Marina di Campo are just a few names.
The island of Elba is sea and mountains … and it fascinates everyone because of its diversity of landscapes and activities that you can do that it gives you.
Along the hairpin bends it is easy to find cyclists who struggle on steep climbs, but who descend as fast as the wind down the streets.

For those who are passionate about mtb, on the other hand, descend inaccessible paths down from the mountains and then there are those who prefer nature trails on foot, to discover unique landscapes.
And who loves the sea? He only has to choose!
Nature, sea, sport, relaxation and fun, and why not!
Even the taste of the cuisine and local products are the essence of the island of Elba!


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