Chickpeas Pie: Tuscan Street Food which unites peoples of the sea
Chickpeas Pie Street Food in Pisa

Discover The Legend of The Invention of Chickpea Flatbread

Legend has fixed its origin of Chickpea Pie (Farinata di Ceci) at the end of the war between the maritime republics of Genoa and Pisa, to be exact in 1284. We are in the days of the battle of Meloria and the victorious Genovese are going to navigate to their city, carrying on board many Pisan prisoners.

Chickpeas Pie, street food wich unites peoples of the sea

A storm, however, makes it difficult to return to Liguria. The wind raged and the ship is chaos: the sacks of chickpeas in the cargo spill, are mixed with the oil coming out of the jars and crushed with the sea water that enters from a flaw.

Legumes are so soaked and a pulp covers the floor. Meanwhile browsing slows and food supplies are running out.

Prisoners are given the strange concoction of chickpeas, served in bowls. The Pisan, despite the hunger, do not want it. Only to realize that in the vessels left in the sun the mixture solidifies taking a nice golden color and an inviting aroma. Once you get home, then, the Genovese exploit the accidental discovery by improving the recipe and choosing the baking and to tease the losers call this particular crushed “Pisa’s Gold“.

In short, to heed the popular story, the chickpea flour was codified by the Genovese thanks to Pisan.

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