Lucca to Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre Liguria Day Tour with Mini Cruise

How to reach from Lucca to Cinque Terre

In case you are thinking about a tour to visit Cinque Terre, we cad advise to choose small tours, especially small tours by minivan with a number limited to people. 

Regulars day tours from Lucca to Cinque Terre
: Bellaitaliatour scheduled regular tours on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday all year around. Free pick up and drop off from every Hotel in the city area. Small group with a max to 8 people group with tour guide so you feel you free to ask you tour guide what do you want as in a group of friends. Itinerary includes just boats (no train weather permitting). Itinerary by boat ensure you for the best way to visit Cinque Terre. Tour from Lucca

By plane

Lucca to Cinque TerreThe closest airports are at Pisa and Genova. Pisa International Airport has good connections from Pisa International Airport (PSA) to New York (JFK) International Airport every week in Summer season. Otherwise, there are other routes (Doha, Moscow) and new connection on working in progress to Pechino

Pisa Airport is also a Base for Ryanair so there are a lot of routes from United Kingdom and the north of Europe. Close Lucca there is a private small airport used by private small charter

By train

The Cinque Terre villages are well connected by rail by local trains from La Spezia with a good frequency. There isn’t a directly connection between Lucca and La Spezia, you need to take train to Viareggio or Pisa and then change train in direction of Genova. Routes from Pisa or Viareggio to La Spezia/Genova are ensures from the same company with a good numbers of trains.
All trains are by the train government company Trenitalia and it’s possible to book tickets online by their website.

From Lucca:
Lucca-Viareggio lasts about 25 min. Distance 30 km
Viareggio – La Spezia Centrale lasts about 1 hr. Distance 70 km

By car

Lucca to Cinque Terre - cornigliaFrom Lucca to Cinque Terre: Take Highway A12 from Lucca Est and go in direction of Genova/Viareggio. Exit to La Spezia (tools are 8,0 euro approx) and take A15 in direction of La Spezia. Highway will finish and you will go ahead until arrive in via Giosuè Carducci. You will pass through 5 traffic lights and turn left at last one to reach Viale Italia, the “marine way” which will pass beside the marine. Then follow the signs for Cinque Terre. After tunnel you will be inside the National Park of Cinque Terre so you need just to turn in the village you want (we advise manarola because is the unique with a medium parking). It takes approximately 25-30 minutes from La Spezia to drive to Riomaggiore or Manarola.

Consider the big stress in high season because every one of Cinque Terre village haven’t a good parking for all visitors they have. What happen? Happen that in many case there is a lot of problem to find parking and a lot of times bad parking means a lot of penalty/fine so will be happy polices man
Duration:1h 25 min. Tools:8,0 Euro. Distance: Km 95

by Transfer Service

Transfer services are availability by car or minivan with a/c from Lucca



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