The Cinque Terre National Park along the Ligurian Coast is today world-wide famous for its unique landscape. What makes it different is the view over the colorful fishing villages on the cliffs and the endless vineyards and olivegrooves around them. In addition, the marine protected area facing the coast is full of surprises. For this reason, we suggest you to join our Cinque Terre Experience by Private Boat to explore it by a different perspective. Here we give you some interesting information about the Gulf of Poets and our ideas for an unforgettable day.

The Cinque Terre National Park and Marine Protected Area

UNESCO officially declared this beautiful coastal area a National Park in 1997. It stretches for 15 km along the Ligurian Coast between La Spezia and Levanto. The park includes the territory of Portovenere together with the three tiny islands off its coast (Tino, Tinetto and Palmaria) and the socalled Cinque Terre. This is the collective name for the five small villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Like all the World Heritage Sites, it features something unique and worth to protect. We are talking about the dramatic landscape along the coast, with compact colorful settlements on the cliffs and ancient terraces on the hills. You can find these peculiar terraces close to the sea level and up to 400 m above it. That is the highest altitude possible for their cultivation. They date back to the 12th century. This area was isolated for a long time and the only way to get here was by the sea. Finally in the 1870s the construction of the railway lines between Genoa and La Spezia started.

What we can admire today is the result of the continuos interaction between human beings and nature. In fact, it shows how the traditional communities kept cultivating and surviving without destroying the wonderful environment around them.

Considering its beauty and its coastal nature, we would like to help you explore the region on a Private Boat and get to know its hidden treasures by a different perspective.

Visit the Unesco official website to see some pictures and even a video about the Cinque Terre National Park.

Get inspired by the Gulf of Poets

The magical coastal spots and the hidden caves along the Riviera are part of the Cinque Terre Experience by Private Boat. This singular environment was source of inspiration also for many poets in the past. Indeed, many artists and writers like Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron created their best works while looking at the beautiful landscape. The area of Portovenere and the small archipelago of Tino, Tinetto and Palmaria is especially suggestive for the many caves. One of them even takes the name of the English poet Byron. He often chose this place for his meditation. Also other famous Italian writers like Dante and Gabriele d’Annunzio spent some time here and found motivation. A comedy writer officialy used the phrase Gulf of Poets for the first time in 1910 to refer to this part of the Riviera.

Hidden Caves and Snorkelling in the Cinque Terre

The Byron Cave and the Blue Grotto (in Palmaria) are among the most appreciated spots for snorkelling. On our Cinque Terre Experience by Private Boat you get the chance to discover the steep cliffs and the misterious caves underneath it. That is something that other visitors will not see on a usual walking tour. Snorkelling is also included in the program so that you can admire the submarine biodiversity.

Cinque Terre Experience: What to see

On the mainland you find the previous mentioned Cinque Terre villages. They date back to the later Middle Ages. Starting from the north, the first of them is Monterosso, also called Monterosso al Mare. This is the biggest among the five lands and one of the most visited in summer, since it faces one of the few beaches of the area. Vernazza comes straight after Monterosso. Many consider Vernazza the most beautiful among the villages for its pastel colored tower houses and the romantic piazzetta. There stands the beautiful Church of Santa Maria d’Antiochia facing the sea. The view from the Doria’s castle in Vernazza is also worth a visit. Corniglia distinguishes itself from the Cinque Terre for being the only village to be built on a high promontory and not on the coast. Heading south, we get to the small hamlet of Manarola and then to Riomaggiore.

Part of the National Park are also the village of Portovenere together with the characteristic islands off its coast. The first thing you see when getting to Portovenere by boat is the stunning St. Peter’s Church on the top of the cliff. Once a temple dedicated to Venus was located there. It is easy to understand where the name of Portovenere comes from (Porto means port, Venere is Venus). The Byron’s Cave is located right below it. There is no real beach in Portovenere but only a small sand tongue. However, you find more beaches on the islands.

The islands in the Cinque Terre National Park

Palmaria is the only inhabitated island in Liguria. It hosts a fascinating nature reserve with several walking paths across its territory. The magical Blue Grotto is located here as well and the beaches you find are made of cobbles and rocks. Do not miss the Spiaggia del Pozzale and Terrizzo.

The other two islands Tino and Tinetto are smaller, but not less charming. Tino was the seat of an ancient monastery and today you can access the island only twice a year: on the 13th of September, that is the patron’s day (San Venerio) and on the following Sunday. Tinetto is even smaller and more similar to a cliff.

Cinque Terre by Private Boat for an Exclusive Experience

Considering the beauty of the coastal landscape, getting here on a private boat is surely one of the best options. You can approach to the coast and discover suggestive caves like the Blue Grotto in Palmaria and the Byron Cave. In addition, our private boat tour offers you a more intimate experience and the possibility to join exclusive activities. For example, we organize sunset aperitives during summer. Snorkelling activities are also in the program. You can dive at sunset and discover the amazing submarine biodiverity of the area.

Our motorboats can accomodate a maximum of 10 people.
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