10 Typical Tuscan Dishes You Must Try Traditional Tuscan food harmonizes two inseparable principles – simplicity and quality. Typical Tuscan dishes are based on the so-called “cucina povera,” the peasant traditions that arose out of necessity during hard times. Even now Tuscans prefer to stay close to their roots as natural localvores who take the

[Tuscany Recipe] Florentine Risotto The Florentine Risotto is a delicious rice prepared with chicken livers and served with Tuscan pecorino. Find out how to prepare it quickly and easily. Preparation: quick Ingredients: onion, oil, rice, tomato sauce, salt, broth, 200 grams of chicken livers, parmesan Difficulty: easy Fry lightly some chopped onion in oil. When

Typical Tuscan folk recipe, Pici all’Aglione are popular above all in the low province of Siena, precisely in Cella sul Rigo (near San Casciano dei Bagni). The special dish has been celebrated every year the last Sunday of May during the Sagra dei Pici, since 1970. Ingredients For 4 persons: 500 grams of semola flour 200 ml

Discover The Legend of The Invention of Chickpea Flatbread Legend has fixed its origin of Chickpea Pie (Farinata di Ceci) at the end of the war between the maritime republics of Genoa and Pisa, to be exact in 1284. We are in the days of the battle of Meloria and the victorious Genovese are going