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With our network of Tuscan partners, we can find for you every kind of accommodation in Tuscany: from a Bed and Breakfast to a Luxury Hotel, from an apartment in an historic centre of every town of Tuscany to a real rural villa in Tuscan Hills!

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The Best Accommodation in Tuscany for Your Holiday

Honestly, we have to tell that the Best Accommodation for your holidays in Tuscany depends, obviously, on the kind of holiday you are programming.

If you are more interested in art and history and you would visit a lot of museum, churches and monuments, you shold choose an apartment in an historic centre, maybe in the middle of Florence, Pisa or Lucca. In these towns we can find beautiful historic apartments where you can breathe the history of these places. Also Bed & Breakfasts are a good option, espacially if your holiday is shorter than a week. An hotel is, surely, the best option if your holiday is no longer than three days.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a relaxing period in Tuscany, maybe for a long holiday with your family (or your beloved) you may looking for a villa or a farmhouse in the beautiful landscape of the Tuscan Hills. This is the best option to discover the real Tuscany, to taste authentic tuscan recipes and taste the Real Tuscan Wine (like Chianti, Brunello and other Super Tuscan Wines).

If you are a dynamic person and you need a funniest vacation, you can choose to reach the Tuscan Seaside, like the Versilia Coast. Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi are really well known touristic towns where you can find the Tuscan “movida”: disco, restaurants, parties and young people. In this case, you can decide to find a Bed & Breakfast for short holidays or an apartment for longer periods.


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